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4EVER Nate C
Success is a bad teacher, it seduces people into thinking they can't lose. Then I became successful and lost fuckin everything... Still comin back to get at it, got my own torch n glasses + hoses and regs ordered and will be arriving after the weekend on monday the 18th, got alittle sidetracked from my comeback, but I'm gonna be back for good, I made a couple slump hammers and pulled some tube and made a really alien spaceship lookin lil dry disc based sidecar type thing a couple week ago, I felt like i was imposing on my buddies torch n space so i decided i can wait til i got my own torch n shiz to get back at it full time, after this extenive break whats another couple weeks eh? -n8 10/16/10 peace HMM... let me see if there is any explanitives that can harness the magnitude of my severe mental retardation. Oh heres tad bit of whats goin on in my dome piece. First off I'm a hardened biggot of Archie Bunker proportions, my only interests outside of glass consist of saw blade paintings, womanizing, narrow mindedness, baseball and a primitive fear of the unusual. Actually I'm a marxist, thats right ladies and gents I'm a fucking commie, Lenin and Stallin are my all time heroes, it was all about liberating our comrades from liberty and free thought thus delivering them into an abyss of mind control and horror. But since the end of the cold war and the demise of the soviet union, I spend most of my time masturbating and idolizing Nancy Reagan. Nothing excites me more than rodeos and redneck fuckin honkies spittin' chew and ridin dumb fucking cows until their subservient wives burst with litters of imbred offspring. Thanks for lookin at my glass!

Just N8
The Outskirts of Hillyard
Spokane WA 99208 US
Phone: ask me


Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/4EVERNateC

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