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ok everybody.... now that I have inspired y'all over the years of past, now it's your turn to inspire me. :) I hope that I can make stuff that will impress you.... (crosses finger) brockglass@hotmail.com

Brock Marvel
Bellingham WA 98225 US

Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/Brock

Brock's Gallery Pages

Glass 2010 ( Images: 1  Sub-Pages: 5 )


Glass of 2007 ( Images: 1  Sub-Pages: 1 )


Ode to Relationships ( Images: 4  Sub-Pages: 2 )


White, Peacock and Black Doubbler ( Images: 5 )

close up ziggy.... ( Images: 1 )

Stick Stack Bubbler #1 ( Images: 9 )

The Joy of Sex ( Images: 4 )

Dry Pieces 2008 ( Images: 1  Sub-Pages: 5 )


Glass of 2009 ( Images: 1  Sub-Pages: 39 )


  • Drew K
    Drew K: yo brock. i million moons ago i was floating through bellingham. had to be like 98-99. i was still wet behind the ears when it came to glass and met you at a local headshop. you invited me to come out to your shop and watch you work. it was a huge progression step for me at the time that influences my work to this day. much love brother. thanks for taking a stray in for a minute and explaining advanced technique to me. mad props. your work is not only tight, but utilizes cutting edge technique and shows inspiration and persperation. a million thanks my friend. may the great checkagewea and crackatoa stay hungry. peas.
    1/29/2011 5:10 PM

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