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Chris Carlson
howdy, i'm chris and i've been blowin glass since spring 01'. got to start the real adventure three years in, makin other than production. i love clean lines and lots of contrast. art deco and graffiti are probably my biggest influences. it been a blast, and it keeps getting better all the time. most of my nicer stuff is at the sandbox here in southern cali. i plan on doing this till the day i die. buck fush. i love you all. i hope you enjoy. i always welcome any advice or pointers or questions. also, none of the glass displayed here is for sale. thanks for looking, chris. PROPS and major influence - Tommy Chong for opening the door to this amazing medium and lifestyle.jeremiah G cleaned me up and taught me the basics, Arturo Ulloa taught me all the tricks and keeps SoCAl real., jefe Mcwild helped me look at it from another angle, Jamie made it possible for me to explore and gave me the space and tools to do it. Now i'm in Oregon and have to give love to Marcel, J.Lee, and Dale for welcoming me into one the sickest studios on the planet. and to Shad and the SOul Fired crew, kickin down mad knowledge and good times...

chris carlson
123 front st.
eugene OR  


Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/ChrisCarlson

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