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Been On the torch seven years, thanks for all the inspiration. Contact me at kcglasscollective@gmail.com you can also find me on Facebook under Christopher Kerner

Lawrence KS  


Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/Cowboy

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~ Recent Work~ 04/08 ( Images: 10 )

<()>Ketchup<()> ( Images: 9 )

~Enghish Ivy~ ( Images: 5 )

~Kracken~ ( Images: 5 )

****LaVern & Shirley***** ( Images: 15 )

*Smoked Vol 1* ( Images: 20 )

  • GoodGary
    GoodGary: Hello Cowboy, my name is Tanner. I moved to Overland Park, KS in August and have been desperately looking for a way to learn the art of blowing glass. On a trip back home over spring break, the owner of a glass shop I use suggested I look you up. He says you are a great artist and from what I see I can't argue with that. I have no previous experience but I am extremely willing to learn. If you are willing to let me pay for classes or apprentice or anything like that please please e-mail me at supertamps(at)yahoo.com
    3/23/2011 10:26 AM

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