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*** My Archives of Old Glass ***

*** My Archives of Old Glass ***

Posted by Smiley on 3/27/2005
All of this stuff is pretty old,,. going back to '00,'01,'02 ,and one '03 piece....




here's a few pix from a project with my friend Nate...August '02 ... we got together and tore it up...( thats me in the background ).....back in these days I only had a cc burner so I tended to use my lathe a lot more for stuff like this..there's a couple we tagteamed here and a couple that we each did individualy.....hoses on the hooka look lame...soon after that I started having hemp wraps done on them..
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~Archive Pics- Ohhh 2 ' ~

~Archive Pics- Ohhh 2 ' ~

Fro's sick shots of old glass got me looking through my old pictures...here's one from Spring 2002... I had a couple of pics of this in my gallery already -then i found a whole grip more.its about 10 inches tall .South-west inspired theme...
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Spring ,summer, fall , '02 bubs and tubes and stuff.....

Spring ,summer, fall , '02 bubs and tubes and stuff.....

I was starting to really take advantage of the colors at my disposal during this period...
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'03 bub........4:20 .....

'03 bub........4:20 .....

horseshoe foot ,came up w/ it in '02 .im still doing it and still like it .
****pix and comments were deleted ....found pix and reposted ******
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~Bubbler Blues~

~Bubbler Blues~

old skool bub with attached jar.
(10 images)
~Old Wierd Bub~

~Old Wierd Bub~

Name says it.....
Pretty old...!Pretty weird....!
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Dragon bub '01

Dragon bub '01

With dichro wings and attached jar.
fun one....!
Thanks for looking...!
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~Old Scull Prodo~

~Old Scull Prodo~

*Still reorganizing and shuffling stuff around*
Scull spoons-used to be the bread & butter back in the day.
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~'02 Hammer Bub~

~'02 Hammer Bub~

Cool piece from back in the day ...if ya already seen it ,my appologies.

I made a whole grip of new pages a few days ago, and let them pass off the front before adding images,so ya'll wouldn't get pushed off the front page,but i didn't wait long enough on some of them.

I got more pix than time & patience.

Thanks ya'll...!
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~Old Skool In '02~

~Old Skool In '02~

Wig wagged crazy days of yester-year...
I think I got a tear welling up in the corner of my eye.......
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6-6-6...The number of the beast........
Anyone remember Iron Maiden.........?
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Old Lathe Tubes

Old Lathe Tubes

did tubes off and on ,on my lathe for a while way back when....then decided that making these was a retarded waste of tubing ,considering i could make about 200 % more $$$$$$ per stick making headdies.not to mention its mind numbingly boring....
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dry pieces,,,'00,'01,'02,'03

dry pieces,,,'00,'01,'02,'03

Dry pieces.
The evolution...
(14 images)
'01 Goblets

'01 Goblets

As i'm reorganizing my archives, i stumbled on these old cups .I'm pretty sure there was a fourth one, but i don't see it....made for a freinds wedding ,i think.....?
Figured i'd post 'em.
Thanks for looking.
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new pix of old already

new pix of old already

posted work from the archives..all from 01'-02'....the first time i posted this stuff it was all sideways so i figured i put som rotated ones up so you dont got to break your neck to see them...
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~Albert Hofmann, Laboratory Notes (1943)

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***Big Thanks to Everyone on this site for all the Inspiration and Influence and all the people that make it go 'round.


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  • Smiley
    thanks for compliments!!!!
    Smiley: I do alot of those horseshoe bases bases like t hat.they're fun but can sometimes be a pain in larger scenarios.FRESH '05 PICS on the way plus projects under way that may yield some interesting pics ,just takes time to get it together sometimes.s.
    3/27/2005 12:34 AM
  • -I-V-I-
    I-V-I: this is amazing... I wish your bench was next to mine... so sick...
    4/11/2005 8:21 AM
  • Addicted To Glass
    ur a glass pimp!!!!!
    Addicted To Glass: keep pimpin those crazy tubes, i cant get enough
    10/18/2006 10:11 PM

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