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South Paw

South Paw

Posted by South Paw on 4/28/2005
Flapjack's Sherlock "Holmes" pipe...originally made June '03, was on the circuit for a while and met it's demise on a paved street somewhere in Chicago...The only thing left from the original piece is the mouthpiece/first section of stem, and the opal marble. I salvaged and cleaned up the stem and tried to match the rest back as close to the original as possible. Now that I look at it, I can see how my skills have improved over the last two years. The new sections are cleaner and tighter than the old, so it's a feel good piece. Thanks for looking!

left side
simple, clean
1024 x 768 px  (168 KB)
right side
the alien is a nice touch, the opal marble is a good fingerstop.
1024 x 768 px  (163 KB)
top view
the black/yellow almost makes you dizzy
1024 x 768 px  (126 KB)

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