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2008 glass

Posted by Adam G on 7/14/2006


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Chicago mini dub

Chicago mini dub

Made this for the "Suck on it" show in chicago this past weekend. Had a blast there, tons of sweet glass, seeing friends new and old, crushing Brazilian steakhouse food and gettin down.. This one is around 30 sections ( can't really remember) diffused.. thanks for looking

all pieces are on display at the Lotus Keep Gallery in Chicago until the 21st.
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Collab with 2BA and Ruben Sierra

Collab with 2BA and Ruben Sierra

Me and 2BA made this little dry yesterday for a friend. 2BA made the sections, I put it together and Ruben Sierra watched the action and smashed lattes
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Random mini

Random mini

Here's a random mini I kinda liked. The pictures are absolutely terrible, sorry It was a last minute type thing.. I took the summer off from glass but hopefully i'll be doing more. thanks
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Ross' Mini

Ross' Mini

this one is for a buddy who wanted a mini similar in many ways to a piece in my gallery..
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