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Revere Class

Revere Class

Posted by Eusheen on 5/6/2008
 Featured by Snic
Here are some pics of one of the pieces i made at the class Natey and i had at Revere Glass April 21-through the 25th~ The class was my first with more than two at a time. There were 8+ students in the class, i had alot of fun. Thanks to all who attended and Thanks to Dustin and Rita for all the hospitality:) This was such a rad class!

1024 x 680 px  (76 KB)
23.25 inches long
Made in three days~ with the help of Natey:)
680 x 1024 px  (110 KB)
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1024 x 680 px  (75 KB)
680 x 1024 px  (118 KB)
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680 x 1024 px  (80 KB)
680 x 1024 px  (112 KB)
1024 x 680 px  (126 KB)
680 x 1024 px  (81 KB)
A few peeps are missing in this pic~
What a rad class! I look forward to doing more:)
1024 x 680 px  (137 KB)
The head of the Viper!
Biggest torch made by GTT that i know of! I tried it out, its knarl!
1024 x 680 px  (102 KB)

 Artist:   Eusheen  ( ) Contact Artist 
Been on the torch since January of 2000 Recently became more addicted to glass then i ever have! I owe many thanks to Toadstool Gilbert, Mike Luna And Darby for opening this world up to me! Also thanks to Daniel Trilli and all the Homies in Arizona for my most recent major inspiration! Glass will be my life until i cant use my hands anymore! if anyone would be interested in lessons just drop me a line....:) PS. In order to pursue my own styles i will no longer be doing custom pieces. All glass for viewing only......Thanks~~~;) Eush

Eusheen Goines
Wilderville OR 97543 US
Phone: 541-531-2570

  • Know Ego
    Hey Brotherman!
    Know Ego: Sweet piece! I love that metallic shimmer you got from the green. I wish I could have been there! Peace.
    5/6/2008 2:13 PM
  • Snic
    What can i say....
    Snic: You Crush It!
    5/6/2008 2:22 PM
  • Rolling High
    Rolling High: Eush=Pimp
    5/6/2008 2:26 PM
  • Phatt Ass Glass
    Phatt Ass Glass: your the man Eush.. it was an honor to be present during this fine piece of ART!!!!! You and Natey are some cool cats...peace
    5/6/2008 3:08 PM
  • J RED
    J RED: real sick bub !! i like the colors much props!
    5/6/2008 4:05 PM
  • Arty
    awesome eush!!!!!!!!
    Arty: big smiles!!!!!!!!!
    5/6/2008 4:35 PM
  • CraigDogg
    CraigDogg: I Just posted a bunch of pictures of you making it.... Word.... Your the Man...
    5/6/2008 5:42 PM
  • GlassHopper
    VEry Nice!!!
    GlassHopper: Like that Sickie Alot!!!!
    5/6/2008 6:34 PM
  • Adam G
    Adam G: Very nice, had to bust out some of the sacred clay the other day.. big up..
    5/6/2008 7:13 PM
  • Maka B
    Maka B: nice!!!
    5/6/2008 7:42 PM
  • EA -Erik Anders
    EA -Erik Anders: niiiice like ice on the cake of insanity. but really, you got skillz.
    5/6/2008 7:55 PM
  • Lennon
    Lennon: work, I love every thing about it
    5/6/2008 8:18 PM
  • Slinger
    Slinger: EUSH is da man!
    5/6/2008 11:00 PM
  • B L U E S
    is the man...................
    B L U E S: thats a beautiful piece......great combo ....looks real sweet..
    5/6/2008 11:32 PM
  • Salt
    Salt: I wanna strap it to my arm and fight crime!
    5/7/2008 0:39 AM
  • MNP
    love the twisted wigs
    MNP: Nice work
    5/7/2008 9:20 AM
  • Mr.Land
    all i got to say is EUSH EUSH EUSH!!!!!
    Mr.Land: Thanks Eush it was so cool watching you make that crazy upline!!! I got a big heady close to done ill post soon. Your teachings will stay with me for ever thanks for every thing
    5/7/2008 9:22 AM
  • Merc
    Merc: Your glass kills man! Sick stuff!!!!
    5/8/2008 4:35 PM

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