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Whoopzip Eusheen Decks

Whoopzip Eusheen Decks

Posted by Eusheen on 12/27/2008
This is the second run of decks and there are still some available for sale on www.whoopzip.com also check out all the dope shirts~

Thanks for your support:)
:)Happy Holidays:)

261 x 846 px  (177 KB)
682 x 1024 px  (101 KB)
1024 x 680 px  (181 KB)

 Artist:   Eusheen  ( ) Contact Artist 
Been on the torch since January of 2000 Recently became more addicted to glass then i ever have! I owe many thanks to Toadstool Gilbert, Mike Luna And Darby for opening this world up to me! Also thanks to Daniel Trilli and all the Homies in Arizona for my most recent major inspiration! Glass will be my life until i cant use my hands anymore! if anyone would be interested in lessons just drop me a line....:) PS. In order to pursue my own styles i will no longer be doing custom pieces. All glass for viewing only......Thanks~~~;) Eush

Eusheen Goines
Wilderville OR 97543 US
Phone: 541-531-2570

  • Voorhees
    Voorhees: What's the size on these decks, and where's the wood from?
    12/27/2008 9:04 PM
  • Hubbard
    Hubbard: sick!
    12/27/2008 9:36 PM
  • AshesandGlass
    Run #2!!
    AshesandGlass: Well i just got 2 decks from run #1.....one to ride and one for keepsake....not sure where the wood is from, but it is pretty poppy and stiff- great board def. no bullshit----EUSH--get ready to ride this spring in GP
    12/29/2008 5:30 PM
  • Eusheen
    Eusheen: The Decks are made in the USA in Rochester NY by Rustbelt Skateboard Manufacturing~ The boards we had pressed come in two sizes 7.75 inches and 8.0 inches~ Thanks for supporting Whoopzip! Happy New year!

    12/29/2008 6:44 PM
  • Lurch
    got mine
    Lurch: Dope print. Love the colors. Need to get your sig on it bro...
    12/29/2008 11:26 PM
  • BigJ402
    nice deck
    BigJ402: Even thought im to fat to skate love the art work on the deck sick......
    1/3/2009 1:48 PM

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