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Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala

Posted by Banjo-l-l on 3/31/2009
 Featured by Natedizz
See you at the International Hot Glass Invitational April 3rd-5th South Pointe Hotel Las Vegas Nevada. Presented by Rolling High.

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 Artist:   Banjo-l-l  Contact Artist 
Whoop, Whoop, Whoop. All be damned. My very own gallery. It was only after J at Rolling High Las Vegas posted some of his collection. I saw all the nice feedback that I decided to share my work with this forum. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Hope you enjoy! I'm probably not going to be commenting much but I do read your posts and gratefully appreciate the love. Thanks to Rolling High Las Vegas for the Photos and the Presentation. $$$$ BITERS POLICY $$$$ There are no biters, only dedicated Artists keeping a tradition alive. If you see anything in my gallery, you are inspired by, and want to incorporate into your own work, by all means go ahead. I would consider it a compliment. Peace Peace Banjo


  • D Starfighter
    D Starfighter: sick as f. Huge starwars fan
    3/31/2009 7:43 AM
  • Merc
    Merc: One of the nicest pieces ever!!!!!
    3/31/2009 8:08 AM
  • Skye Perry Norton
    yes sir
    Skye Perry Norton: I have to agree with merc .One of the sickest peices I have ever seen .
    3/31/2009 8:20 AM
  • Contrabasso
    Well done.
    Contrabasso: This piece is beautiful.
    3/31/2009 8:33 AM
  • Lennon
    Lennon: Just amazing and beautiful. Wish I could make it to the show, new baby to close. I will come up to have some fun when I can good luck
    3/31/2009 8:45 AM
  • Know Ego
    Know Ego: Definitely the coolest piece I've ever laid my eyes on. I gotta see it in person.
    3/31/2009 8:58 AM
  • Voorhees
    Voorhees: I saw this in person, it could be the nicest piece I have ever seen.
    3/31/2009 9:09 AM
  • Daddy O
    Daddy O: Detail city. Amazing work on this one. Just beautiful.
    3/31/2009 9:25 AM
  • Maka B
    Maka B: scary good !
    3/31/2009 9:34 AM
  • Hubbard
    Hubbard: THE sickest piece iv ever seen in my life!!
    3/31/2009 9:55 AM
  • TIE
    TIE: Timeless...
    3/31/2009 10:10 AM
  • Lawson
    HOT dog !!!!!!
    Lawson: The force is totally with you.
    keepem coming.......
    3/31/2009 11:17 AM
  • T-funk
    T-funk: slick ricky in person
    3/31/2009 11:19 AM
  • Jake C
    Jake C: gorgeous...
    3/31/2009 11:47 AM
  • Andy D
    Andy D: Yes, Yes unreal!
    3/31/2009 11:59 AM
  • Jason Lee Glass
    Jason Lee Glass: such a sick piece!

    is it a pipe?
    3/31/2009 12:06 AM
  • Higher Consciousness Glass Art
    you are a glass icon.
    Higher Consciousness Glass Art: you set the tone. topshelf as allways.
    3/31/2009 12:15 AM
  • Rolling High
    Rolling High: Fully worked stemless under the dress...
    3/31/2009 12:21 AM
  • BigJ402
    holy s*(*
    BigJ402: Amazing work wow.
    3/31/2009 12:53 AM
  • Joe Blow
    HOly Fuckin Shit
    Joe Blow: Saw this one at the Champs show live and in person.... the sickest piece!!! Super HOT!
    3/31/2009 1:02 PM
  • Adam Who
    well slap me silly!
    Adam Who: thankyou for reminding me how limitless this medium really is. you are the man!
    3/31/2009 1:51 PM
  • Slinger
    Slinger: super impressive!
    3/31/2009 1:51 PM
  • Dan P
    My favorite piece from the show...
    Dan P: And the best I've ever seen in person!!!
    3/31/2009 2:52 PM
  • Tyme
    jesus fuck
    Tyme: that is awesome
    3/31/2009 3:32 PM
  • Adam G
    Adam G: My fav banjo piece ever!
    3/31/2009 6:10 PM
  • JD Maplesden
    JD Maplesden: I like the new head.
    3/31/2009 9:41 PM
  • W I E R D E E R
    truly amazing
    W I E R D E E R: saw this thing up close f(at)#$k'n wow
    3/31/2009 11:38 PM
  • Stratisphere
    Stratisphere: saw this in person too. amazingly beautiful piece. great use of wigs mixed into the sculpting. detail detail detail yeah!!!
    4/1/2009 1:09 AM
  • Saki Bomb
    Saki Bomb: i saw it in person too.....
    u r crazy....... banjo..........
    omg cant stop looking at it.....
    4/1/2009 3:12 AM
  • Corinne Winters
    Corinne Winters: You're tha man! See you this weekend in Vegas!
    4/1/2009 7:01 AM
  • Skiing Ian
    Skiing Ian: I got to see this at the Night of Boro in Seattle. She didn't have her formal headdress on at the time, I must say she looks even better. (I bet a glass lightsaber would look cool.) Mad Skillz.
    4/1/2009 2:06 PM

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