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April 09 Upline Colab

April 09 Upline Colab

Posted by Eusheen on 4/11/2009
 Featured by Royal
Here's another one from Onion Mountain~ Made mainly with Natey and i. We also had some help from Jameson and Shen with Pulls and a few horns. Shen also came up with the awesome color combo. This one stands around 29 inches and is prolly one of our favs:) The opal horns are a new idea that Natey came up with. Natey did most of the horns and the opal honey combs along with all the sections. I did all the shaping and the discflips, welds, the upline, and dics:) The large disc is nearly 7 inches! Thanks for looking yo! Enjoy:)

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 Artist:   Eusheen  ( ) Contact Artist 
Been on the torch since January of 2000 Recently became more addicted to glass then i ever have! I owe many thanks to Toadstool Gilbert, Mike Luna And Darby for opening this world up to me! Also thanks to Daniel Trilli and all the Homies in Arizona for my most recent major inspiration! Glass will be my life until i cant use my hands anymore! if anyone would be interested in lessons just drop me a line....:) PS. In order to pursue my own styles i will no longer be doing custom pieces. All glass for viewing only......Thanks~~~;) Eush

Eusheen Goines
Wilderville OR 97543 US
Phone: 541-531-2570

  • Royal
    7 inches!
    Royal: big tings
    4/11/2009 2:10 AM
  • Richmann
    Richmann: so sick! the opal hornes are the siz.
    4/11/2009 2:16 AM
  • Saki Bomb
    Saki Bomb: opal horns!!!!!! very very sexy! i love it !!! beautiful work !!!!
    4/11/2009 2:22 AM
  • Dan P
    Wow! Insane work guys!!!
    Dan P: It was nice to finally meet you out in Vegas Eush good vibes!
    4/11/2009 2:39 AM
  • Voorhees
    Voorhees: I got to see this at the flame off...sickness!

    Those opals look soo nice!!
    4/11/2009 3:03 AM
  • CRS
    CRS: one of the sickest!! THOSE WINDOWS ARE OFF THE FUCKING HOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4/11/2009 4:00 AM
  • BigJ402
    wow holy shi&*(..........................
    BigJ402: You guys on the coast are nuts that is some mind blowing work.
    4/11/2009 7:32 AM
  • D Starfighter
    D Starfighter: great job guys, the opal horns are very classy. Dope color combo too.
    4/11/2009 8:24 AM
  • Jjmfh
    sick color!
    Jjmfh: opal horns are wicked! \m/>.<\m/
    4/11/2009 8:41 AM
  • El Hefe
    well shit
    El Hefe: once again
    4/11/2009 9:47 AM
  • El Hefe
    those horns
    El Hefe: are awesome
    4/11/2009 9:52 AM
  • TIE
    TIE: Shen be the color master, nice form Eush...
    4/11/2009 9:58 AM
  • Lawson
    Lawson: Very nice fella that piece is off the hook.Cool horns too, they came out sick.
    4/11/2009 10:31 AM
  • J RED
    J RED: sick upline real nice colors!
    4/11/2009 10:34 AM
  • Frankie Hess Diligence
    Frankie Hess Diligence: You guys are machines!!

    I love the shape on this one!!
    4/11/2009 12:41 AM
  • Andy D
    Andy D: This one's glowing, every inch of it. Nice work guy's
    4/11/2009 12:46 AM
  • Yo Momma-san S Glass
    Yeah BOY-EEEEEE!!!!
    Yo Momma-san S Glass: I had the priveledge of inspecting this piece in person in VEGAS and it's fuckin rad!!! Pretty flawless and bigger then any bub I've ever held before!!

    Nice work Eush! You and Natey are doing bad ass things!! Keep it up!

    4/11/2009 1:03 PM
  • Jake C
    Jake C: sicker and sicker. real nice work guys.
    4/11/2009 5:37 PM
  • Schmitz
    7 Inches!!!!!
    Schmitz: Awesome
    4/11/2009 6:03 PM
  • Know Ego
    Whats up Eush!
    Know Ego: The up-line is incredible. Great form as always. The opal horns make me crazy, I love it!

    The Dynamic Duo strikes again!
    4/11/2009 6:21 PM
  • B L U E S
    B L U E S: great team work.........slick horns ....your bro's got an eye for color....pretty soon you'll be makin Frisbee sized disc's........
    4/11/2009 10:43 PM
  • Hubbard
    Hubbard: Sick! - nice horns too!
    4/12/2009 1:22 AM
  • Merc
    Merc: Onion mountain!!!!!! Sick!
    4/12/2009 6:35 AM
  • MNP
    MNP: Real sick ya'll
    4/12/2009 8:01 AM
  • Kraig
    Kraig: Way to keep raising the bar dope
    4/12/2009 9:28 AM
  • Corinne Winters
    Nice one!
    Corinne Winters: They must be putting something in the onion mountain water!!

    It was great meeting you guys in vegas!
    4/12/2009 9:29 AM
  • W I E R D E E R
    word shit is tight
    W I E R D E E R: Nice steeze with the horns might have to chew on that one...as soon as my eyes stop watering
    4/12/2009 11:13 AM
  • Mr.Land
    Mr.Land: I like this one the best so far keep it up eush and natey ftw. the opal horns kill it by the way NATEY IS THE MAN. what about next time 2 or 3 opal in each horn? nice work in vegas as well! peace guys
    4/13/2009 11:25 AM
  • Sweeney
    Sweeney: Great work guys- amazing discs and color combos and those hones- what a good idea-
    there is allot of talent flowing here in this piece- defiantly one of my favorites-
    4/13/2009 12:17 AM
  • Mike Luna
    Mike Luna: soupa fuckin sickee!!!props on the vegas piece to.that shit was off it.
    4/13/2009 12:17 AM
  • Jason Lee Glass
    love those horns,
    Jason Lee Glass: piece came out great.
    fluid collab team you've got there!
    4/14/2009 8:14 AM
  • Tiny Mike
    Tiny Mike: you guys are blowing my mind I'd love to see you in action!!!
    4/17/2009 1:06 AM
  • Meander
    Meander: lovin it
    5/22/2009 6:28 PM

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