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call to artists: fundraiser for my documentary film.

call to artists: fundraiser for my documentary film.

Posted by Slinger on 6/28/2010
 Featured by Lear on 6/28/2010
Marble Slinger Presents
Degenerate Art Documentary Fundraiser

To the pipe making community -

As many of you know already, Iíve been working on a full length documentary detailing the art and culture of the glass pipe movement since 2006. In my opinion, documentation is the most important tool for the progression of a movement. Through film and pictures, subcultures like graffiti and skateboarding have become world-wide phenomenons. I believe glass pipes have the potential to become an established and respected art form. However, so far we are invisible to most of society. When pipe makers go into the world and tell people they are making glass pipes, it is hard for people to understand the level in which we are taking this medium. Degenerate Art will educate people to help validate our work.

I graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in documentary film making and shortly after became a pipe maker. Since there hasnít been a comprehensive document of the movement, I feel a responsibility to give the pipe making subculture a voice. My film, Degenerate Art, is a true document of the art and culture of glass pipe making. It is the first film to ever bring to light this invisible subculture in a comprehensive and well-informed format, telling the story of the movement through the voices of the pipe makers themselves and the industry that surrounds them.

In 2006 I started making this film with no budget. Quickly, through the community, I have gained support beyond what I have imagined. I even got private investment, which enabled me to take time off to travel and film. I am almost done production and have already begun the editing process. The rough cut is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer and ready to release by the end of this year.

The total film is costing way more than I imagined, almost to the note of $100,000. In addition, the process has been taking longer than expected because I am trying to include everything. My vision is for this film to be a timeless cult classic. Think of what Dogtown and Zboys did for skateboarding and Style Wars did for graffiti.
I need some more support to get this finished so we can get it out to the public.

Hereís what Iím asking:
Please donate a piece to the Degenerate Art Documentary Fundraiser. In return, youíll get one DVD, your name in the credits, link on film website and a warm & fuzzy feeling.

Send your piece(s) by July 9 to: Korin Prince Easy Street Gallery 155 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211 Your piece will be in the gallery for the weekend of July 17 and online at http://www.easystreetbrooklyn.com/.

If you have any questions; please email me at marble.slinger@gmail.com.

I fully appreciated your support,

604 x 453 px  (58 KB)

 Artist:   Slinger  Contact Artist 
marbleslinger since 1997.

in an effort to pursue my own visions,
i do NOT do custom orders.

thank you for looking.

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  • Slinger
    Slinger: ts a bit last minute, buf if artists could get a piece in the mail by july 9 it would be awesome, it doesnt have to be a crazy headpiece that you spend all week on, im just asking for a few hours of your time,,,, thank you again, message me with any questions if you wish,,,,
    6/28/2010 1:37 PM
  • Slinger
    Slinger: marble.slinger(at)gmail.com
    6/28/2010 1:38 PM
  • Lear
    Lear: ill try and get a piece to you bro,would love to help support,peace LEAR
    6/28/2010 1:44 PM
  • DEW
    DEW: been super busy lately, but i'd love to give my support. i will try my hardest to get something slick made up by the 9th. good luck!
    6/28/2010 1:49 PM
  • Toast
    Toast: thats awesome bro cant wait to see what youve been working on this whole time. more power to the movement
    6/28/2010 3:05 PM
  • Btgb
    damn thats kinda short notice.
    Btgb: but i always got time for a good cause.
    6/28/2010 3:46 PM
  • Danny Camp
    Danny Camp: sounds good bro , id love to support, ill drop one off at the gallery
    6/28/2010 4:01 PM
  • Glassroots Art Show
    On It
    Glassroots Art Show: can not wait to see what this documentary comes out looking like.
    6/28/2010 7:46 PM
  • Billygoat
    id love to help with this project
    Billygoat: so ive got a piece for ya sling
    6/29/2010 6:13 AM
  • Titus
    Hell yeah !
    Titus: I'm down like a bow-legged midget. Super stoked to see the film. How's the soundtrack coming?
    6/29/2010 9:56 AM
  • Kooi
    Kooi: Im not as crazy as these other cats on the torch, but Id love to help out and send a piece so this film can get done.
    6/29/2010 9:58 AM

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