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Double backpack

Double backpack

Posted by Blissful Glass on 2/3/2018
Ive been making this design for awhile now, and have had lots of positive feedback. Ive called it mini madness before but I think double backpack is more appropriate. Reason being, its a double bub and has what I call a backpack perc. Two triple restriction tubes side by side generally placed on the back of the piece.

768 x 960 px  (80 KB)
768 x 960 px  (89 KB)

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Blissful Glass
Hay everybody, this is Rex owner of Blissful Glass, the pieces on this site are great. I want to contribute to the greatness...here are some of my pix. enjoy. :)
Hello everyone, this is Alaina Westcott co-owner of Blissful Glass. We hope to keep pushing the limits and get better and better every year :) I hope that you all enjoy our work.

Rex Estrada
Austin TX  US

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