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The Gortos Nebula

The Gortos Nebula

Posted by Merc on 9/3/2010
Gorto is the last of his kind [a race known as The Gortos], and lives in his own nebula. In fact, he believes he is the only inhabitant of said nebula. The Gortos enviroment looks only to be a pocket of gas to the outsider, but it possesses a world inside. After living in his home and never leaving after many eons, Gorto has decided that he and his only friend, a creature called a Rupe, a critical fellow who questions most evrything and resembles an inch worm [only larger] with wings and horns
and goes by the name of Ock, decide to journey into his dust storm plauged land in search of things his mind could only imagine. For long periods he had hoped someone, besides Ock, would simply arrive at his door step and make friends with him, although no one ever showed. After making provisions for their journey our lonely explorers set out on their path, and after many revolutions of the nebula's moon they came to a structure, which to thier astonishment was inhabited..... To Be Continued......

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Dr. Naboro's Nebulizer   [The Gorto's Nebula- Part II}

Dr. Naboro's Nebulizer [The Gorto's Nebula- Part II}

Gorto rubbed his eyes in amazement, then made his way to the gate of the estate. The gates opened on their own and a strange looking creature appeared, his skin was aqua colored with curled purple-hued horns while at the top of his crown he wore a leaf bearing a living eye which crested his sunken face.
In his own tongue he muttered somthing, then motioned them to follow. The sites and art that littered a seemingly endless hallway they passed through were quite wonderous to the pair, but even more wonderous was Dr. Naboro who was at the end of the hall, a grand room of wonders all of it's own. Here in this room The Dr. greeted them and thanked them for following his assistant. Gorto curriously asked what kind of thing his assistant was?
The Dr. replied "he is one of the luxmar, A highly spiritual race with few surviving members, the keepers of the elixer of why.
"you meen they have answers, asked Gorto? Because I have questions!!!". "What kind?" asked the good Doctor. After Gorto struggled to remember the questions he wanted to ask, which in that moment he couldn't recall even one, Dr. Naboro explained to Gorto that he was in fact not alone and had been wrong all these eons. The sole reason he had not wondered about other Gortos,was do to the fact that they were loners essentialy born to "become" anyway they chose with no outside influence. If the matriarchal Gorto left no clues as to the little ones ancestors then often times Gortos perish alone and unknown. luckily our gorto had Ock, though Ock didn't know what a Gorto was, he had at least taught Gorto of friendship and now together they had ventured into the strange world surrounding them. After the small history lesson they were offered the nector.
The effects of the nector will come on strong and be somewhat beautiful and frightening at the same time, instructed the Doc. "Beware of the Keeper of the Knoll" he warned, "he is evil and will try to hold you up in his void. "Beware" was the last thing offered before the nebulizer was presented............... To be continued...
Stand by Johann. The colors are by Northstar and are: Serendipity, Experimental Green, Aurora and Silver Aqua
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Ock Returns Home (The Gorto's Nebula part 5)

Ock Returns Home (The Gorto's Nebula part 5)

Ock can feel it in every part of his negative little body. The adrenalin surges through him faster than the speed of thought! His emotions violently shift as he experiences the full spectrum of transformation. Suddenly, in a surreal moment, he jolts into a realm that is grossly familiar. He sees them. They see him. These faces are famous to their unfortunate host; Ock returned home.
Ock mislead himself into thinking it was cleaver to attach himself to the little Gorto, knowing the Gorto was scared and alone. The name Ock translates into the common word Doubt, as he was known amongst the faces. These faces piled in front of him shot their usual disparaging jeers at him. Among them included Fear, Hate and Regret.
Fear was the older gentleman who often warned Ock that his own escape would be futile. He tells Ock so Hate lashes out his wicked tongue, unleashing a deathly putrid stench. Ock, you shall eternally suffer in my bowels as long as you subsist here in this existence in which you were spawned. The king of the faces sat at the top of the pile. Regret, the ancient master of the apocalypse, architect of the battlefield, pourer of salt into the open wounds of those wounded, withering in pain. He proclaims the groups weakness to be the reason for their demise and offered no end to their suffering.
We searched for a million ways to secure a sacrificial soul, snarled Regret, you selfishly lost the Gorto in your unwillingness to share him as the host. You neglected to fulfill the prophecy of conjoining us all to a sacrificial soul. You were pried from the creature, and returned back to us. Doubt, you are true to your name...
to be continued
Northstar Color Rod and Custom Color Tube.
Hate was made from Momka's Cloud Tube.
Stand by Johan.
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Ock's Contemplation[The Gorto's Nebula Part 3]

Ock's Contemplation[The Gorto's Nebula Part 3]

It came on slow at first, then faster, then heavier. Every moment seemed of bliss. The faces they saw of the creatures floating by were of a strangest Ock and Gorto had ever seen. What a wonderful place this is, said Gorto. Right then in that very moment Ock began to contemplate exactly what the good Doctor Naboro had said of the Keeper of the Knoll. In all of this what did the doctor mean? Is there a creature with a split tongue and a foul stench, who sits atop a knoll waiting to make them suffer? One who would force them from their new found happiness? The thought made him tremble. And for the first time in many cycles, Ock felt great fear. You see, Ock had always been a skeptic, never fearing much as he had believed in very little. Then it hit him.
Perhaps The Keeper was not a person nor creature but the incarnation of fear......To be continued....

22 inches
Northstar colors
Stand by Johan
The Keepers face was made by Ghost.

This piece was made a while back. Just now getting around to posting more pics of this series.

Thanx for checking us out.
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The Gorto's Nebula......{ Gorto }

The Gorto's Nebula......{ Gorto }

This is the beginning of a new era in my glass works. The direction is kinda of based on living in the mountains. Things seem to take shape in nature. If you close your eyes and listen to it's story you can imagine a whole other world. More to come and thankx for looking.
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The Perception Plant (The Gorto's Nebula Part 4)

The Perception Plant (The Gorto's Nebula Part 4)

The Gorto was stunned by the beauty of the marvelous plants and assorted fungi all around him. The warm sweet air whispered a strange and hypnotic aroma. Its heavy scent danced towards The Gorto's nose entangling him in the vail of it's warmth, while enticing him to follow it as it guided him through the garden. As he traveled, he heard a squeakishly small voice begging him closer with every call.
While rounding the next corner, The Gorto suddenly heard another strange new sound. When he began to search for the source of the disturbance he noticed an aray of small reflective patterns glistening in the light accompanied by the sound of a sea of small wings moving rapidly, creating an ultra low hum. One of the small creatures known as a Flyball, approched Gorto and said, "Greetings kind creature Gorto, please come with us as our mage wishes to speak with you." The Gorto agreed and just as he looked down the sea of creatures formed a chair under him raising him off his feet and carried him towards a sacred plant in which the mage was tending to . "Welcome Gorto I am Zadot Mage of the Eyefly and care giver of The Perception plant." The Gorto was a littile bewildered by the creature. His wings sparkled greens and blues and his hands were small claws supported by tiny arms.Though his size was meager, his presence was quite large and some what omnipitient. Gorto asked, "why have I been brought to you?" The mage answered, "for this plant holds that which is unseen by the avid looker and posseses the key which unlocks the gates of perception." Just the then the giant winged sculpture the plant was attatched to began to freely walk towards Gorto.....to be continued..........

Nort... color tubes and rods
Stand by Johan
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 Artist:   Merc  ( ) Contact Artist 
Merc-functional glass artist 1999-present

Merc has been on the torch since 1999 working with fire. He is known for his functional work inspired by psychedelics, fantasy art, color flow, and sacred geometry. He has been a poet, a writer, and educator, an Industry representative, a gas tech, a consultant, a tool designer, a color tester, an MC, a Glass artists, and a pipe maker. He has been an active member of the Colorado Project for 3 years.
Merc has played many roles within the industry. He was the host of the American Glass Expo Awards for 4 years and was nominated for artist of the year for four years himself. He has developed a working glassblowing set up in major convention centers across the states and in Canada. He was the glass blowing feature area designer for the International Glass Show in los Angeles, CA as well as the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto, CA.
As a visionary artist Merc has been a key figure in the boro-sculptural revolution. He is known for his working knowledge of color as well as cutting edge techniques of sculpting, line-work, marbles, hollow vessel, cane, vacuum encasement, sand blasting, electroforming, and multimedia installment pieces.
Big ups to his sponsors: Northstar glass, Blastshield, Whoopzip, Grassroots, EU Glass, 33 and 1/3rd, Hot Breath Magazine and Ryot, and Skillet Tools!


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