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Rainbow Bub 8-11-10

Rainbow Bub 8-11-10

Posted by Eusheen on 9/5/2010
 Featured by Glassimpact on 9/5/2010
Made just before CHAMPS. I was experimenting with some new Vac stack stiles i learned while in Colorado with Adam G And Tuba~ The red in this piece is actually Heavy blue Leprechaun with dicro over that and elvis over that~ The elvis was a bit dark. So next time i will use something more transparent. The vac stacks are so fun to do that sometimes i just do pulls for a couple days:) Thanks to J Red, Tuba and Adam G for the Knowledge:) now its time to make some new work with this awesome tubing!!! Hopefully be posting more as well:) Peace~~~Eush

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 Artist:   Eusheen  ( ) Contact Artist 
Been on the torch since January of 2000 Recently became more addicted to glass then i ever have! I owe many thanks to Toadstool Gilbert, Mike Luna And Darby for opening this world up to me! Also thanks to Daniel Trilli and all the Homies in Arizona for my most recent major inspiration! Glass will be my life until i cant use my hands anymore! if anyone would be interested in lessons just drop me a line....:) PS. In order to pursue my own styles i will no longer be doing custom pieces. All glass for viewing only......Thanks~~~;) Eush

Eusheen Goines
Wilderville OR 97543 US
Phone: 541-531-2570

  • N.Dark
    N.Dark: The Layered Elvis sections really make all the colors in the other sections Pop! Very Nice!
    9/5/2010 6:51 AM
  • DEW
    DEW: nice piece. love your style. always so classy...
    9/5/2010 7:48 AM
  • Byron Beres
    Byron Beres: Vac stack fosho. Love the rainbow. A.A.G.R. Art against gay rainbows, the rainbow ain't gay!!! Let's all take it back they can have a symbol or sumthin.
    9/5/2010 8:02 AM
  • BigJ402
    Them colors are popin.
    BigJ402: I like this one sick work.
    9/5/2010 12:57 AM
  • Phatt Ass Glass
    you tha man Eush
    Phatt Ass Glass: always a pleasure to see you work. Terry
    9/5/2010 2:54 PM
  • Merc
    Merc: Sweet!!!
    9/5/2010 3:07 PM

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