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44 Spirals in "Spiral Madness"

Complete set of Spiral Madness pieces made with Phantom colors by Eugene Rain and adorned with delicate flower marbles. Dry shlammer, jar with glass lid, and poker. Colors used in this piece are: GA Peacock, Turquoise, Black violet, and NS Hyacinth, Cherry, Canary, Amber purple, Bubble gum, and DA Rasta gold dichro. {[p]} Spiral Madness Shlammer{[br]} 6 inches tall by 2 inches wide{[br]} 44 spirals{[br]} 2 Triple dot sections{[br]} 6 flower marbles{[br]} 1 signature marble{[br]} 3 spiral sections with webbing{[br]} {[p]} Spiral Maddness Jar{[br]} 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall.{[br]} 6 spirals{[br]} 2 honey comb sections{[br]} 2 triple dot sections{[br]} 2 flower marbles{[br]} Raticello{[br]} Square ropes{[br]} {[p]} Spiral Madness Poker{[br]} 1 Flower marble{[br]} 6 marias{[br]}
Added by Eugene Rain on 10/27/2004 2:03:41 PM
44 Spirals in
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I love this piece!!! One of my favorite dry pieces that I've ever made... The color scheme, the mouthpiece pattern, and the rediculous pull-apart in the body of the can are so ill! I peeled my own wig back with this one... love that feeling! The colapsed opal marble came out sweet, and the opal marble tripod (one clear, one white, one black) was an added bonus to help balance it out. 23 sections over all...
Added by ESP on 10/25/2004 10:47:01 AM
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Sherlock Bubbler

This piece came out exactly as I wanted it to- everything on it is perfect!!!! Aside from great fume in the can as well as the stem- I was very pleased with the two attachments. Look close at the twisted... thingy.. lol It has an innumerable amount of layers in it.
Added by Kevin Nail on 10/22/2004 9:41:29 PM
Sherlock Bubbler
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Added by Frito on 10/17/2004 12:20:43 PM
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collaboration with a non glass blower

this peice is a collab between myself and a friend of mine who makes wire jewlery. the wire wrap in the center has russian kyanite, herkimer diamond, malacite, a faceted garnet, and a brandberg mine amethyst on the back. and a black tourmaline on the front. the facet is a calidescope. the back also has a bowl stir and holder. made oct 04
Added by DP on 10/17/2004 1:13:50 AM
collaboration with a non glass blower
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