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U-Glass Honeycomb Bub

I made this piece for a friend of mine. The marble is a honeycomb made using U-glass and the comb is backed with rasta red dicro.
Added by Gremlin Glass on 12/31/2003 7:45:16 PM
U-Glass Honeycomb Bub
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fume Shlammer

This piece is an all fume super thich headdie. It is full of fume ratechellos, and honey combs, my Favorites.
Added by Ease on 12/23/2003 12:24:53 AM
fume Shlammer
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Paco Ease combo

This piece was made by Paco and Ease for a custom order. It stands !3" tall, and has a pretty hefty weight. Most of the paterning is done with green multi tubing, and bowtie sections. Check out the chro-ties!!!!! If you are interested in a combo piece by GWP, or any specific artists from GWP, please send email to specific artist because our info@ email is out of order right now.
Added by GlassWorksPark on 12/15/2003 12:42:56 PM
Paco Ease combo
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