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Gold Fumed Double Chamber Glass Bubbler

Prepare to be amazed by the elegant and attention-demanding presence of this gold fumed double chamber glass bubbler. Weighing in at 300 grams, this handblown, inside out, heady piece displays the finest of glasswork techniques. Complete with two chambers for water for twice the filtration of the average glass bubbler, a large honeycomb adorning the top of the second water chamber, and dichroic stripes that twist around the entire body. Letís talk about filtering your smoke: two water chambers are always better than one. If you think this piece is stunning right now, imagine it after the color change! Gold fuming yields colors like purple and topaz. - See more at: http://sunflowerpipes.com/shop/gold-fumed-double-chamber-glass-bubbler/#sthash.oKPFLsb5.dpuf
Added by User15856 on 12/29/2015 12:32:01 PM
Gold Fumed Double Chamber Glass Bubbler


Piece that has been in the works for about half a year now. It all started with a drawing my old landlord had drawn that inspired me to make my own drawing. Then my old landlord gave me his scrap lead which I smelted in a glass cup/funnel on a long clear rod in my kiln. This piece on the stand sits 21.5" tall with the piece itself coming in at 18.25" tall by itself. Completely handspun this piece came together so cleanly. To cut the slits on the showerhead perk, I chucked the showerhead into my faceting machine and cut 8 perfectly spaced 45* slits. Then to finish it I sandblasted a honeycomb onto the back of the piece. Thanks for looking!
Added by Glowin Glass on 12/11/2015 6:09:44 PM

Water Bongs on Vbongs.com

Handblown pyrex water bongs. For more products please visit https://vbongs.com
Added by Vbongs.com on 12/9/2015 5:27:09 AM
Water Bongs on Vbongs.com

Spoons on Vbongs.com

For more products please visit https://vbongs.com Handblown pyrex spoon pipes with various techniques of coloring such as fritting, coiling or outside and inside coloring.
Added by Vbongs.com on 12/9/2015 5:15:09 AM
Spoons on Vbongs.com

Chillems from 2015

All my functional 2015 work, chillems #1-#7, as well as a collab dry spoon.
Added by SailorJerryGlass on 12/3/2015 7:51:45 AM
Chillems from 2015
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