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Glowin Glass
My name is Bob and I took two years of engineering at ECU before I decided to leave school to open my own business. So I moved out to the Triad and I met my old teacher and he needed a place to setup his shop. I said sure only if you teach me and after that first lesson I was hooked. I've been on the torch since July 15 2009. Glass Has become my Life and it feels good to know I'll never have to slave for someone else ever again. Big props to everyone on this site you have been super inspirational to the development of my skill. I can't wait until my first glass convention and I get to meet some of you in person. Much love never stop pushing limits!


Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/GlowinGlass

Glowin Glass's Gallery Pages

1st year ( Images: 1  Sub-Pages: 3 )


2nd Year! ( Images: 1  Sub-Pages: 4 )


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Smelted ( Images: 20 )

Tutorial on Vac-Stack Tubing ( Images: 1 )

  • LiftedJ
    LiftedJ: You have made alot of progress, keep it flowin'! Also your profile is def easy to navigate
    10/13/2012 2:41 PM
  • Hardestedge
    Hardestedge: Look forward to working with ya, I can tell its gonna be reaaaaal chill with some crazy new outcomes.
    3/28/2013 6:26 PM

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