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Scotty G
Glass blower My work is unique because of the many different manipulations, and technical applications I use to create a piece of glass art. Every time I start to blow a piece of glass I push myself to go a step above even what I think is possible. Thats the thing about glass - its a never-ending learning process. I continue to find the consistency of the technique is the real challenge. It intrigues me that the randomness and the flow of the glass will take you down the long road of constant education and learning that beautiful things can come from organized chaos. My need to blow glass comes from within. Its all I remember ever wanting to do. Ive been a glass blower for over sixteen years. I first took a class from Nancy Campbell in 1994 making soft glass beads. I started lampworking borosilicate glass shortly after that, making bracelets and pendants. I had a strong desire to do more. I decided to go to New Orleans, LA. to the New Orleans School of Glass Works in the fall of 1995 and studied there for three years. Thats when I learned to blow soft glass. My early ideas and inspirations came from those experiences. The flow of the hot glass, multitude of colors, the heat of the furnace, and the ability to make something, or anything, from this 2000-degree material fascinated me. I dont limit myself to one style or technique of glass blowing. Ive exposed myself to many different ways of manipulating the glass into forms that are pleasing to the eye. I opened up my own glass studio in fall 1998. I started fusing, slumping and lampworking - full time. In the fall of 2000 I started the hot shop, my soft glass studio. In 2002 I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Sweden (Kosta) and spent part of my time studying different factory and production methods. I also had the opportunity to visit a small, two/four person studio in Transjo Sweden, Jan Erik Ritzman & Svenne Carlsons glass studio. Those experiences have helped me with the advanced color and design techniques that I apply today. Most importantly, however, my work draws from my internal feelings and experiences. This is how I craft my glass into unique treasures. With the use of graphite and aluminum optic molds one can enhance the design technique of the overall appearance of the glass. With color, and layers of clear in between each step, one can create a unique and interesting design on each piece of glass. The interesting thing about glass as a medium is the endless possibilities of what you can do with it. I will obviously run out of time here on earth before I have a chance to try all the ideas I envision. I hope I never stop acquiring the skills necessary to push myself as a glass artist, and understanding the balance of listening to the glass and letting it take me where it wants to go!

Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/ScottyG

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