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Steve Gelb
My name is Steve Gelb. I began working with glass full time in 1995 in the Pocono's PA. Since 1996 I have been living in the hills just outside Ithaca NY and keeping a studio with a few great friends in the city of Ithaca. Some of my biggest inspiration has been music, poetry and the work of my mentors and peers including but not limited to (in no specific order) Aaron F, Joey G, Ezra, Ease, Eli, George Kennard, Emilo Santini, Eric Sussman, Huck, Frito, Sean, Jesse, kxb, Jason Lee, Banjo, Robert mickelsen, Drew, and countless others on and off of this website. I am currently in school, but spend most of my time on the torch. when I'm not in class, I am filling custom and wholesale orders. One-on-one and group workshops of all levels are welcome at Buttermilk studios. Rental time is also availabe. Thanks for checking out my gallerys everyone, much love. Steve


Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/SteveGelb

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