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Every piece I make I try to push my own limits...

I gotta give props to the following people: Steve Fish, Petto, Tyme, Eusheen, Nathan Miers, Darby Holm, Brock, Mike Fro, BC, N3rd, and Mer. -- You've helped me along the way and I am truly grateful :)

I am striving to be clean, detailed, and flawless in my work... each piece I work on I try to focus on everything from aesthetics to functionality...

If you are interested in lessons, feel free to contact me



Hit me up... always down to collab...

If you want to contact me,



Phelan CA 92371 US


Profile Link: http://www.GlassPipes.org/Lurch

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  • Torch Monkey
    Torch Monkey: love the blizzard
    4/7/2011 2:07 AM
  • Fishstix
    Fishstix: Heya Bro, so glad to see such great progression. Moving back to the LA area real soon, would be cool to catch up.... Steve-o
    5/23/2011 11:20 AM

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